The New Age of Children (10x25' 2014, 7x25' 2015)

Environmental education program with proactive community participation. (In collaboration with the Secretary for Education, Chiapas, Program “Educating with Environmental Responsibility” ERA) Broadcasted by TV 10, Chiapas and Channel 22 (Official Selection Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2015 with the Teleminutes Series).

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NAPUX, the cow (8x25' 2013, 8x25' 2014)

Nutrition counseling program starring by Napux, the cow with children of the communities of Chiapas , which promotes organic gardening, physical and mental health through consumption of fruits and vegetables from the region . (Translated into Tsotsil language ) Broadcasted by TV 10, Chiapas and Channel 22  and other state channels . (Official Selection INPUT 2014)

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The Tree (1x10')

Short fiction for young audiences based on the serious problem of deforestation in our state. (Winner International Short film festival "Cine de Campo" 2013, Best national production18° Festival Internacional de Cine para Niños (...y no tan Niños) Matatena A.C. 2013 Tijuana, Official Selection INPUT 2013, Official Selection Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2013)



Tales for kids (6x aprox.15')

Imaginary series of children's stories based on works of Chiapas writers and interpreted by puppets, produced with the support of FONCA and broadcast by TV 10 Chiapas. (Official Selection Prix Jeunesse Iberoamerican 2013)

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VIVA LA PELOTA (190x40')
Popular children´s series whose central theme is the promotion of values, environmental protection, the rescuing of histories and traditions, the promotion of art and Kids news. 190 chapters, 5 seasons broadcasted by TV 10 Chiapas, Mexicanal, Channel 16 of Edusat and others TV channels in Mexico. (Translated into tsotsil language) (Award of the National Network - 2010 as the best TV Program)


Let´s do it (In development)

Reality show that chronicles the hopes, experiences and dreams of a group of children during assembly of a play in their colony.


Violence Prevention Campaign (4x3')

To prevent violence in dating and marriage. What to do in a situation of violence? “The law for  access to a life, free of violence for women”.


PETUL tells you about health (1x20')

Documentary that includes part of the puppet theater tour "Petul tells you about health" whose purpose is to combat maternal mortality, violence against women and alcoholism in the poorest indigenous communities in Chiapas, Mexico .